Who are we?

100% handmade furniture

About Us

The Journey of Gokkaya Furniture started in 1978 with its establishment under Mr. Dursun Gökkaya, the Founder and owner. Since than it has provided excellent services and quality product to its national as well as international customers. The main goal of Gokkaya furniture is to understand the customers demand and aspirations in regards to the changing market.

Today, Gökkaya Furniture Ltd., with its values and experience, continues to serve in the best possible way. We are exporting our standard classic and Modern furniture to many countries around the world.

Vision & Mission

Gökkaya furniture aims to line with the principle of quality, it sells domestic and international furniture and has been working with the power to earn the appreciation of its customers in every sale so far.

Our vision is to serve with the principle of Satisfaction to our customers, standing behind the product we sell, and to provide high quality and reasonable price.

Passion and style

A handmade piece of furniture made with passion

Passion and experience

Whether you want to look at your entire home or a small room, you will have the essential features you are looking for in all the focal points you want in our exclusive furniture collection. In magnificent fabrics, the finest wood grains and beautiful colours. Also, if you can't find exactly what you're looking for, we'll help you create it.

Excellence is key

Close your eyes and picture yourself in your favorite room in your home. Lying on living room furniture, arranging dinner at your dining table, reading from the bookcases in your room? Wherever you are, you will feel the peaceful furniture that will make you feel at home, where you will be sure to invest in that space.